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Explore all the visible and hidden gems of the South part of Zakynthos

See the Carreta-Carreta turtles, explore the Cameo islet and the turle shaped island, home of carreta-carreta

This tour is a guided tour with a captain and lasts 4-5 hours.

You can book this tour for up to 10 persons

  • See the Carreta-Carreta turtles
  • Explore the Cameo islet
  • See the famous Keri Caves
  • Swim in the crystal clear Mizithres Beach
  • Visit Marathonisi, the turtle island

Pick Up: Agios Swstis Port

Next to Cameo island

Stop 1: Turtle spoting

See and take photos of the Carreta Carreta turtles and maybe swim with them!

Stop 2: Cameo Islet

The island Cameo island (Agios Sostis) is a little diamond in the Ionian Sea and has a beautiful beach with crystal clear water. This beach is the extension of the big and famous beach of Zakynthos, Laganas.

Stop 3: Keri Caves

Keri Caves are a series of spectacular caves located in the southwestern coast of Zakynthos Island and reachable only by excursion or by private boat. The coastal stretch that extends from Kapo Marathia to the Mizithres rocks is called Keri, hence the name of the numerous caves found in this area of Zakynthos Island. Some caves have an entrance wide enough to swim in, in others it is possible to enter directly by boat.

Day 4: Mizithres Beach

The Mizithres, small and big, are two very tall, conical and white rocks in the middle of the sea, located exactly under the lighthouse in Keri. They got their name from a local cheese called Mizithra which is produced in Zakynthos (Zante).

Day 5: Marathonisi

Marathonisi is not inhabited and keeps its characteristic pine, olive and green oak forests in excellent conditions. It has thick vegetation everywhere and two main beaches with different features. One of them has white sand, while the other has pebbles. The sandy beach is where the sea turtle goes to lay its eggs and that is why Marathonisi is included as part of Zakynthos Marine Park

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  • Soft drinks
  • Water
  • Beers
  • Bottle champagne


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