shipwreck beach tour zakynthos

Shipwreck Beach

The most picturesque beach on the world

  • One of the most famous beaches in the world
  • Sometimes referred to as "Smugglers Cove"
  • In 2018, the beach was named as the world's best beach in a poll by over 1,000 travel journalists and professionals.
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marathonisi turtle island zakynthos


The Turle Island

  • Protected islet with a beach & sea caves
  • A breeding place for the sea turtles Caretta Caretta
  • Placed across the beach of Keri, in Laganas bay
  • Marathonisi is not inhabited and keeps its characteristic pine, olive and green oak forests in excellent conditions.
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blue caves zakynthos tours

Blue Caves

Zakynthos's Mysterious Azure Waters

  • Blue Caves are one of the most popular attractions at Zakynthos.
  • Discovered in 1897 by Antonio Komouto, the caves, or rather the remnants of caves, attract countless of visitors every year.
  • What is most spectacular about these natural wonders is the unique colour of the water found inside
  • The area, a hot spot for scuba diving aficionados, features a succession of limestone arches through which small boats can travel.
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keri caves zakynthos

Keri Caves

A series of spectacular caves located in the southwestern coast of Zakynthos

  • Cystal clear water reflextions create a magnificent scenery
  • They are smaller than the Blue Grotto on the north of the island.
  • The cavеs аre in the south part оf thе island, οn Mаrathia Cаp
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cameo island zakynthos

Cameo Island

A magical place in Agios Sostis

  • A little diamond in the Ionian Sea
  • White curtains flow in the wind, it’s a beautiful sight.
  • The small beach area has a pleasant atmosphere that will help you unwind
  • It’s a simple but beautiful setting where you can relax
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porto limnionas zakynthos

Porto Limnionas

One of the most hidden places

  • The picturesque Limnionas Beach has not only beautiful landscapes that are breathtaking at first sight, but also a warm sea
  • Perhaps most famous for the dazzling colours of the sea here and the calm,
  • Because the cliffs are so high around Porto Limnionas, the place can completely change depending on where the sun is in the sky and how cloudy or sunny it is.
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porto roxa zakynthos

Porto Roxa

One of the most impressive places in Zakynthos

  • The wild beauty of the rocky landscape, the crystal clear waters and the magnificent sunset you can enjoy on the beach will be unforgettable
  • Diving enthusiasts can dive from the platform into the deep blue sea
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korakonisi zakynthos


A unique creation of nature!

  • A fjord creates a river-like strip of sea on the north side, leaving the visitor to enjoy a play of colors as the sun sets in the Ionian Sea.
  • Korakonisi is famous by the locals for the amazing quality afrala (natural sea salt)
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